MOIWA, A Ski Resort Made with Love

MOIWA is well known throughout Niseko as a ski resort with historical roots going back as far as 1919. There weren’t any ski lifts at the time, and skiers would climb the mountain for many hours because of the exceptional snow quality, abundant snowfall, and small yet wide ranging course.

Furthermore, MOIWA boasts a stunning view of its vast surroundings: the beauty of Mount Yotei is particularly breath taking on a clear day, its exceptional location, abundance in nature, has charmed many visitors over the years, and it officially opened as Niseko MOIWA Ski Resort in 1966. Since then, MOIWA has been loved not only by the locals but also by fans all over Japan and the world as the ultimate powder snow resort. In recent years, many Australian and European skiers and snowboarders have come to adore this “ski slope with feeling of privacy”. MOIWA has been able to avoid large-scale resort development, and the beautiful scenery you can see today is virtually the same as days of yore. The warm hospitality of the staff and kindness of the many locals who love this mountain has remained the same as always. This is the very special charm of MOIWA, a place that has been loved by many generations.


The Best Powder Snow
Niseko is known worldwide as the Holy Grail for powder snow. Even amongst other places in Niseko, MOIWA is particularly beloved for its abundant snowfall. Our snow reaches up to 4 meters, and is known as the world’s best powder snow. You can experience the joy of blasting through lightly dry snow (that goes up to your waist) on your skis or snowboard. MOIWA is the ultimate paradise for powder snow lovers, and you can enjoy powder snow cruising with a variety of feature-rich courses. Powder snow lovers particularly enjoy “Early Morning MOIWA.” In the pure white powder snow of the early morning, the joy of skiing on your own spur moves you in a way that can’t be described and must be experienced.

Niseko is known Worldwide as the Holy Grail for Powder Snow. Even amongst other places in Niseko, MOIWA is particularly beloved for its Abundant Snowfall. Our snow reaches up to 4 meters, and is known as the World’s Best Powder Snow.

Spreading The Love Of Skiing
Since our facilities opened, MOIWA has been regarded as the perfect environment to raise skiers, and we have hosted a variety of major events as an international ski resort. Many lovers of powder snow have made us their home ski slope, and there are many international skiing professionals who polish their techniques here.
Furthermore, the ease of skiing in powder snow and the wide ski slopes allows you to freely enjoy skiing, and we are also an excellent spot for snowboarders. Top-class snowboarders also train at MOIWA, and we also provide courses that are great for competitive skiers and snowboarders alike, so experts can really get the most out of their time here.


Connecting Children and Nature
Powder snow isn’t just for experienced skiers to enjoy. It’s also a very easy snow, so you can relax knowing that your children will be safe while they ski. On MOIWA’s main burn in particular, you can see the top of the top of the course from the bottom: beginners and families can relax and enjoy skiing, and its perfect for beginner’s practice. We hope to instil in them the experience of coming in contact with nature and its importance. Our “KIDS’ RUN!” a ticket which is offered to customers with children, is the latest offering from MOIWA.We hope that not only the next-generation skiers but all of our customers can enjoy the experience of being surrounded by nature’s wonderful splendour. We believe that continuing to be cherished by many is the destiny of MOIWA.

After-Ski Activites are also part of MOIWA’s Charm
Hokkaido is like a gourmet treasure chest, full of the fresh bounty of the sea and mountains. That abundant flavour and the wonderful surrounding environment never fail to enchant Hokkaido’s visitors. With that in mind, many lovely restaurants and stores have sprung up near MOIWA. If you visit the local hot springs such as the nearby Konbu Onsen and Goshiki Onsen hot springs after skiing, you’ll surely enjoy soaking away the tiredness from your body. If you enjoy skiing at MOIWA, please take the opportunity to enjoy the charm of the regional cuisine and hot springs.