About Niseko Moiwa

Niseko is world famous for its powder snow and is the preferred destination for skiers and snowboarders.
Moiwa in particular, an area loved by locals and tourists alike, thanks to an abundant supply of powder snow.
Moiwa is filled with untouched nature and picturesque scenery, offering a magnificent view of Mount Yotei on a clear day.

2021/2022 Winter Season – Hours of operation

4th December, 2021 – 3rd April, 2022
Open 7 days a week from 8:00am to 4:00PM.

*Please understand that lift schedules may change without prior notice due to weather conditions.

  • Peak Season
    18th December, 2021 – 28th February, 2022
  • Off-Peak Season
    4th December 2021 – 17th December, 2021
    1st March 2022 – 3rd April 2022
  • Restaurant Moiwa at the Center Lodge: 10:00AM-2:30PM
  • Raphael (Restaurant inside the Lodge Moiwa 834):
    7:00AM-9:00AM, 5:00PM-10:00PM
  • Rentals: 8:00AM-4:00PM
  • Ski School: 8:30AM-3:00PM

Quad Lift (Seats Four)

9:00am to 3:00pm Daily

Pair Lift#1 (Seats Two)

8:30am to 3:30pm Daily

Pair Lift#2 (Seats Two)

8:30am to 3:30pm Daily

History and feature of Niseko Moiwa Ski resort

Moiwa is known throughout Niseko as one of the ski resorts with the richest history, with its origins dating back to 1919.
In the beginning, Moiwa did not have lifts, so skiers would have to climb the mountain, taking hours.

Despite advances in technology and modern machinery, Moiwa remains mostly unchanged. Moiwa has the same abundant snowfall, the same exceptional snow quality, the same easy-to-ski mountain and the same grand view of Mount Yotei today, as it did when Moiwa opened a hundred years ago. Moiwa continues to lie on the most exquisite location, allowing its guests to fully enjoy the blessings of its surrounding nature.

Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort

Moiwa officially opened its doors as the Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort in 1966. From its first day of opening, Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort has charmed its visitors from both Japan and overseas due to its premium quality powder snow.

More recently, Moiwa has gained popularity among Australian and European skiers and snowboarders for its secluded slopes.

Moiwa’s beautiful natural environment remains untouched and separated from large resort developments. The people of Moiwa love the mountain and its surrounding nature. The staff welcome guests with the same warm hospitality as they have for the past 100 years.

The friendliness of the people here shows how much the local culture has become interwoven with those who have fallen in love with the city of Moiwa during their visits to ski and snowboard.

Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort

Powder snow loved by many

Niseko is word famous for its amazing powder snow. This is particularly true in Moiwa, where if often gets up to 4 meters of snowfall, making it one of the snowiest ski resort destinations in the world. With a variety of ski courses to enjoy, Moiwa is the ultimate paradise for powder snow enthusiasts.

Skiers and snowboarders love to enjoy the early mornings of Niseko Moiwa, as there is nothing like skiing on fresh powder snow.

We offer wonderful snow experience only available in Moiwa.

Enjoy both skiing and snowboarding

Since opening our doors, Moiwa has made many fans out of skiers and snowboarders. As an international ski resort, we host numerous events.

Fans of powdered snow from all over the world call Moiwa their home mountain.

Professional skiers and snowboarders from around the world practice at Moiwa. The vast fields of powder snow offer a great experience for every skier from the beginner to the professional.

Give children chance to connect with nature

Children can enjoy safely skiing and snowboarding in our soft powdered snow.
Moiwa’s main slope is big and has great visibility from the top to bottom. Because of the vast size of the slope, you can enjoy skiing without having to worry about other skiers.

We have a bunny slope that is suitable for both beginners and families. Additionally, we offer children’s passes. Because powder snow is soft rather than being hard and compacted, powdered snow does not hurt when you fall and land on it. This makes a much more enjoyable and safer experience for children.

We look forward to your children having a wonderful experience skiing and snowboarding in real powder snow while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Facility and service

Ticket counter

Ticket counter

During the ski season, you can purchase lift passes starting from 8:00 AM at the ticket counter in the center lodge. You can pick up passes purchased online at this location. We can accept cash and credit cards.

Pizza of Restaurant Moiwa

Restaurant (center lodge)

From the 2nd floor of the center lodge in Restaurant Moiwa, you can enjoy a beautiful view of our ski slopes while dining.

Niseko Moiwa Ski school

Ski and snowboard school

Our instructors know Moiwa like the back of their hands and likewise have a deep knowledge of powder snow. We offer variety of lesson options to suit your needs: Private lessons, family lessons, beginner lessons, powder lessons, and simply lessons for those who want to brush up their skills.

Rental Ski Shop


We carry the latest models of ski and snowboard gear. We also have skis and boards suitable for powder snow, which is uncommon.

For your safety, we recommend that you wear a helmet. If you need a helmet, we also rent helmets for your safety.

Hotel Lodge Moiwa834

Hotel Lodge Moiwa834

Located at the foot of Niseko Moiwa slopes, we have a new type of ski-in ski-out capsule hotel. A lot of the guests who stay here came to enjoy Niseko’s winter sports.

The capsule hotel is a great place to meet new people who share a love of skiing and snowboarding.

Hotel Lodge Moiwa834 Restaurant Raphael

Restaurant Raphael

We offer casual dining at Lodge Moiwa 834. We also offer delicious alcoholic drinks and fresh coffee.

You can enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Moiwa while dining. We are sure everyone, not only the guests of Lodge Moiwa 834, will enjoy the relaxing time after the winter sport.

Activities and sightseeing

Moiwa offers plenty of blessings of nature.We have many places you can enjoy other than skiing, restaurants that offer Hokkaido’s delicious harvest from sea and mountains, or Konbu hot springs or Goshiki hot springs that will heal your tired body from skiing.

Be sure to experience local food and hot springs while you are in Moiwa.

Niseko Milk Kobo

Niseko Milk Kobo
(Takahashi Farm Co. Ltd.)

Niseko’s fresh air, water produce fresh milk at Takahashi Farm. Enjoy the delicious sweets made using their fresh milk.

Niseko View Plaza

Michino Eki (Roadside station)
Niseko View Plaza

You can purchase gourmet take-outs and Niseko’s local food souvenirs at this road side station.



Natural spring water of Niseko. The name comes from the fact when Showa Emperor and Empress visited this spring after the Second World War, his Majesty called the water “Kanro (sweet)”.

Goshiki hot spring

Goshiki hot spring

Also called Niseko Goshiki hot spring. The water contains a lot of sulfur and good for your skin. The hot water will keep you warm and make your skin glow.

Konbu hot spring

Konbu hot spring

Largest hot springs district spanning over Niseko cho and Rankoshi cho. The Ryokans and hotels in this area has its own hot springs, and knows for its abundant springs.

Makkari hot spring

Makkari hot spring

Makkari village is 30 minutes’ drive from Niseko Moiwa. This hot spring is famous for its magnificent view where you can see the Mount Yotei up close. The hot spring is a mix of sulfate and hydrogen carbonate and its constantly flowing water is said to be excellent for your skin.

Rankoshi hot spring Yuusenkaku

Rankoshi hot spring Yuusenkaku

This hot spring facility is running since 1958 in Rankoshi cho. This hot spring make you skin so smooth, it is known as hot spring for the beauty.



At NAC activity center, you can enjoy snow shoeing and other snow adventure during the winter. During the summer months, you can experience free climbing and rafting. Yea-round nature fun available.

Back country

Back country

Back country means the area outside the ski resort controlled area. Your safety is your own responsibility but it is a powder snow paradise where you can enjoy the untouched natural snow. You will need proper equipment, skill, knowledge and experience to go do the back-country skiing. We highly recommend you obey the Niseko Rule and the use of a tour guide company.

Tour company: Powder Company
Tour company: Back Country Guide