Niseko Moiwa Ski School

Niseko Moiwa Ski School is operated by Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort.

Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort is said to be the safest ski resort in the Niseko area. Therefore, we can reassure you that the lessons we offer are not only suitable for first-time skiers or snowboarders, but also for small children.

We offer shuttle services from neighboring hotels for free. Please enjoy our safe, fun and easy-to-learn ski or snowboard lessons on our spacious courses.

※At Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort, lessons with companies and schools other than those certified by our resort can not be held.

1. Private Lesson

Lessons for 1-3 people. These lessons are geared toward first-time skiers and snowboarders as well as intermediate and advanced level skiers who are looking to improve their skills. The small class size enables us to offer attentive instructions to efficiently boost your skiing performance.
Please let us know what your needs are.
The price includes lift fare for the duration of your lesson.
(Minimum age for child for this class is 4-year-old)

If you wish to reserve school, please fulfill the booking form and send it to us by email. 

Private Lesson Application Form

2. Family Lesson

Lessons for 4–5 people. These lessons are suitable for a family or for a group of friends.
These lessons will not include other students so you can learn in a relaxed environment.
The price includes your lift fare for the duration of your lesson time and you will practice the basic use of the lift.
(The minimum age for children in this class is 6-years-old. They will need to be the same level as other participants in the class.)

If you wish to reserve school, please fulfill the booking form and send it to us by email. 

Family Lesson Application Form

3. First time ski & snowboard experience lesson

Lessons to experience skiing or snowboarding for the first time.
Using a large and gentle slope, we will teach you the basic and safe way to ski or snowboard. This is a 2 hours long lesson and is suitable for those who want to get in a little experience or to learn basic techniques before hopping on the lift.
* We will not be using the lift during the lesson. If you want to use the lift, we recommend that you book a private lesson.

4. Powder Snow Lesson

Class to experience powder snow! Suitable for those who can ski/snowboard a compacted snow course, but who are not accustomed to powder snow, or for those who wish to simply enjoy skiing and snowboarding on powder snow.
We will be using our ski course, so you will be safe. However, we do recommend that you wear a helmet.
(Suitable for intermediate levels and above.)

5. First Time Racing Gate (Slalom Gates) Experience

Suitable for intermediate levels and above.
In this class, you can enjoy Slalom gates. We will be using Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort’s permanent racing gates (Giant slalom gates) .
Suitable for those who are interested in clearing slalom gates and wish to experience a gated course. It’s also great for children as an opportunity to improve their skills. Even if you have never participated in ski racing you are welcome to give our slalom course a try.
(Suitable for intermediate levels and above. The use of a helmet is a must.)

6. Snow skating experience

Experience the snow skating experience on the ski slopes that have been compressed. For beginners, you will know riding tips and techniques using magic carpets. Enjoy your first snow skating with your friends at Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort.

7. Hot wax & tune-up (ski & snowboard)

Professional hot wax and tune-up for skis and snowboards to get your equipment in prime condition for your lesson.

Lesson price includes lift ticket

All class fees (except for First time ski & snowboard experience lesson) include lift tickets for the duration of the lesson. If you wish to continue skiing or snowboarding after your lesson, we offer lift tickets at large discount for all students.

Multi-day package discount

Discounts are offered for those taking lessons over multiple days. This will allow you to take your skiing skills to the next level!
2nd Day・5%OFF / 3rd Day・10%OFF

Niseko Moiwa Ski School Instructor

Chief Instructor

Our school’s chief instructor Noboru Furukawa has won 4 consecutive National Competitions as well as other Alpen ski competitions. His teaching method derives from his experience in ski racing.
Currently he instructs other instructors in the school as well as our students and adult club teams. From general skiers to racers, he teaches the joy of skiing. Mr. Furukawa also holds kids camps.

  • October 2013: Established the Ski School, Yukigijuku
  • December 2013: Started at Niseko Moiwa Ski School as Chief Instructor

Kids at Ski School

Safe Beginner’s course and trustworthy certified school

At Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort, you can learn how to ski in a safe environment on our spacious courses without having to worry about traffic from other skiers, and our resort only give certification for selected company/schools to maintain the quality of the instruction and keep this environment where you can concentrate and improve your skill more efficiently, especially if you are first-time skier, a beginner, or concerned about your technique.

*Instructors of Non-Certified company/schools and their participants will be forfeited their lift pass without refund and our company will not take any responsibility.

If you wish to reserve lessons, please fill in a booking form and contact us at: