User Agreement

  1. Visitor or guest of 4 years old and below will not be allowed to stay or use the hotel and facilities except the restaurant for the safety reasons.
  2. The Lodge Moiwa 834 practices a strict NO SMOKING policy.
  3. The following items and activity will be prohibited in corridors, accommodations including any area in the Hotel:
    (a) Any animal, bird including house pet;
    (b) Any item that emits any pungent smell;
    (c) ignition or flammable dangerous materials;
    (d) Gun, carry-on swords or any item or weapon that are dangerous upon use
    (e) food and drink,
    (f) any photography or videography taken without permission.
  4. Please refrain from gambling, drinking alcohol excessively, drugs taking and/or any behavior, action or words that may be disturbing to the guests, lacking of public morals or etiquettes.
  5. You are not allowed to invite anyone into the accommodation, or use of any facility in the accommodation or Hotel. Do not move, remove or change any item including the change of any settings to any equipment or machine that belongs to the Hotel.
  6. Do not leave personal belongings in common areas such as the corridors, washrooms or lobby.
  7. You are advised to keep your cash and any valuables in the safe provided in a secured place and manner.
    We are not responsible for any loss or theft of valuables and thank you for your understanding.
  8. Storage of custody of your belongings left behind will be for a maximum period of one month from the date of departure.
  9. Unlawful gathering such as gang members and illegal activities, and public order.a. Please refrain from the use of our hotel as designated gang gatherings by “law (the March 1, 1992 enforcement) about prevention of unfair act by gangster” and designated gangster. (If Hotel is aware of this during, after reservation or use, we will decline the use at that point.)b. Please refrain from the use of this hotel as anti-society group and member of anti-society group gatherings (including gang and radical action group and members). (If Hotel is aware of this during, after reservation or use, we will decline the use at that point.)

    c. Any violence, threat, blackmail, coercive injustice demand or any similar act from any person will be refrained from the use of our hotel immediately.

    d. Any person who is rendered incapable of making any sound judgment either due to mental disorder or a drug influence, or caused any fear danger or threats to the other guests, our Hotel will decline the use immediately.

    e. Any loud talking, conversations or loud noises including music or sound from your electronic devices that cause disturbance and nuisance to others in the Hotel, including any gambling, disrespecting public order and moral issues, such person will be declined from the use of the Hotel immediately.

    When there is any act similar to the matters mentioned above, we will decline the use of our Hotel.

Accommodation Clause

(Governing laws and applicability of user agreement)

Article 1

This user agreement shall be conclusive and binding between our hotel and the guests. In the event of any special arrangement between the guests and the Hotel, this special arrangement under the law or custom shall take first priority over this user agreement.

(Refusal of accommodation undertaking)

Article 2

Our hotel may decline to accept accommodation in the following event:

  1. If the reservation does not follow the user agreement or any terms and
  2. When there is no available room for the accommodation due to full occupancy.
  3. When the person may cause an act that is against the laws and ordinances, public order, moral and/or etiquettes.
  4. Any person with tattoos or is a drug user.
  5. When the person is suffering or carrying any illness, infection or disease that is contagious.
  6. Any special request (e.g discounts) that may cause a burden to the hotel.
  7. When natural disaster, damaged or unsafe facility and/or other unavoidable event beyond our control that may occur.
  8. Any person who consumed alcohol excessively or any person who caused disturbance to others.

(notices such as full names)

Article 3

Our hotel will request the guest to provide information such as full name, passport number (for foreigners), residential address, age, gender, occupation, contact number and such other information the Hotel requires for reservation of accommodation. Failure to provide any requested information may cause the reservation to be not completed and invalid for accommodation.

Article 4

Our Hotel may at its discretion, collect a deposit payment from the guest while checking in at the front desk. In case of cancellation, terms & condition applies as per the article 5 below. Any amount that is not part of the cancellation payment will be refunded to the guest.

Our Hotel may at its discretion, collect a deposit payment from the guest while checking in at the front desk. In case of cancellation, terms & condition applies as per the article 5 below. Any amount that is not part of the cancellation payment will be refunded to the guest.

(Cancellation of reservation)

Article 5

The following table sets out the rules for cancellation of accommodation by hotel guest:

Day in response to notice of cancellation3 days before2 days before1 day beforeOn the dayNo Show
Percentage of the cancellation cost out of the basic hotel charges20%50%70%100%100%

If the hotel guest does not arrive within 2 hours after the confirmed of arrival by the hotel guest to our hotel, we shall treat this as a cancellation and will proceed with the cancellation rules accordingly.

Article 6

Our hotel may cancel the guest’s confirmed reservation or during the period of accommodation if the following occurs

  1. Any events listed in 3 – 7 in Article 2
  2. Failure to provide full information required by hotel in Article 3
  3. Failure or delayed payment of deposit if requested by the Hotel.

(Registration of accommodation)

Article 7

Hotel guest shall register with the front desk on the date of accommodation providing information as set out in Article 3 above including the departure date and time. For foreign hotel guest, additional information like passport number, valid visa information and other relevant information shall be provided to the front desk.

(Check-in & Check-out time)

Article 8

Our Hotel’s check-in time is 3PM and check-out time is 10AM (local Japan time).

If the hotel guest checks out after the check-out time regardless of any circumstance, we will charge additional rate accordingly.

(Payment of rate)

Article 9

Payment of hotel’s accommodation shall be by credit card or cash (yen only) at the front desk in the currency accepted or used by our hotel. If the guest decides to leave the accommodation or check out early, full hotel charges for the guests’ reservation will be charged.

(Strict observance of use rule)

Article 10

By agreeing to check in to the hotel, all hotel guests shall obey the User Agreement including any terms and conditions l established by the Hotel.

(Refusal of accommodation continuation)

Article 11

Our Hotel may decline the guest’ accommodation at any time, if the guest refused to obey the user agreement and any terms and condition by Hotel.

(Responsibility of accommodation)

Article 12

Upon the completion of registration of visitor’s accommodation by the hotel’s front desk or online website, the visitor shall be responsible for the accommodation until check-out date.

Article 13

Our hotel is not responsible for any damage caused to the visitor’s belongings or any injury, accident or death to the visitor in any type of event (e.g. fire, quarrels) if such event is not due to the negligence or misconduct of our Hotel.

Article 14

If there is any damage or misuse to any facility, item or equipment of our hotel caused by the visitor, we shall seek the actual costs we had incurred on the facility, item or equipment to be compensated by the visitor. (This includes loss of hotel keys etc.)

Article 15

For emergency, please be aware of the exact location of the emergency staircase.