Basic Policy

In order for our guests to use The lodge Moiwa 834(“our lodge” hereafter) ’s website with a sense of security, our lodge thinks that the compliance of the law of the personal information protection and the complete suitable information collection, usage and control in our lodge are the extremely important.

Personal information

Our hotel will ask our guests to input and send personal information through our website. We will similarly ask for guests’ personal informations when inquiring or booking via phone call for below.

  1. (1)Accommodation resevations
  2. (2)Requesting of information materials
  3. (3)other inquiries

Personal information may also be requested in events different from the above for the objectives and usage listed below.

Collection, maintenance and usage of personal information

  1. (1)A minimum list of “essential information” in order to provide our services will be collected from our guests
  2. (2)The collected personal information will be used for the below objectives.
  1. ①To provide the services requested by our guests.
  2. ②To provide our guests the necessary information related to our lodge’s facility, services and products.
  3. ③To provide our guests informations about our group company’s products and services.
  4. ④For marketing purposes such as overall guest numbers, sales, origin of guests, etc… without disclosing specific individuals.
  5. ⑤For solving and settling life endangering emergency situation.

Disclosure of personal information

Our lodge appropriately protects personal information and does not disclose it in being available personal identification to the third party without consent unless in the below situation

  1. ①Disclosing the personal information to a third-party within the minimum necessity to obtain utilization purpose.
  2. ②Approval by the guest
  3. ③Upon legal request
  4. ④Legally approved to provide to a third-party
  5. ⑤To provide to our group company as per the above point 3 of paragraph 2

Management of personal information

  1. (1)We will appoint a personal information manager in order to appropriately manage and store guests’ personal information
  2. (2)We will take necessary security measures in order to block fraudulence access to personal information
  3. (3)We will thoroughly check identification and act accordingly when guests request an alteration of their own personal information
  4. (4)We will thoroughly check identification and act accordingly when guests request the disclosure of their own personal information
  5. (5)We will thoroughly check identification and act accordingly when guests requests the termination of the use of their own personal information within the above stated usage of personal information

The Lodge Moiwa 834

Personal Information Manager MASAFUMI YONEDA

447-5 Niseko Niseko Abuta Hokkaido 048-1511
Tel: 050-3171-5688