From the beginner to advanced skiers, everyone loves our slopes and out breathtaking natural landscape!
Enjoy the best powder snow Niseko has to offer.

Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort slope map

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Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort:Total skiable distance 6000m Skiable area 228,373㎡

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1Giant Run (600m)

Giant Run

Ungroomed zone for advanced skiers


From the mountain peak to the right is an ungroomed zone that has an average gradient of 24 degrees and above for advanced skiers.
The upper zone is hard and tight, giving skiers a thrilling pleasure as they shoot down the slope.

2 Expert Run (800m)

Expert Run

Giant shalom slope for the advanced skiers

Depending on
the Period

This Ski Association of Japan – recognized giant shalom slope for the advanced skiers plays host to a variety of competitions. Depending on the period and location, skiers may enjoy ungroomed powder snow.


3Shirakaba Slope (Shirakaba A 500m / Shirakaba B 500m)

A popular slope of powder snow


A popular slope of powder snow through the forests of white birches. The slope conditions remain above average even in the afternoon, with plenty of powder snow.



4 Forest Run (600m)

Most suitable for nature lovers as wild animals


For slow skiers who prefer to wind through the trees and feel the breath of nature. Most suitable for nature lovers as wild animals are known to give their greetings in early mornings.


5 Sky Slope (2000m)

A grand course of 2,000 meters long overlooking Mt. Yotei


A grand course of 2,000 meters long overlooking Mt. Yotei, skiers are embraced by a magnificent landscape, and may even be treated with the vision of diamond dusts on a cold morning.


6 Main Burn(1200m)

Wide and sublime slope


This wide and sublime slope has many faces to accommodate the array of events and competitions it plays hosts to. The entire slope can be seen from the Sanroku Center Lodge.



7 Fairy Tale(400m)

Beginner-friendly trail


Beginner-friendly trail that allow novice skiers to ski Moiwa with confidence. The two short loops are suitable for beginner or novice skiers. The terrain is flat to gently rolling.


8 Family Run(600m)

Family-friendly beginner trail


Family-friendly beginner trail that allow skiing with children as a family.


Niseko Rule

Niseko has some of the best powder snow. So, it’s understandable that there were many skiers who venture beyond the bounds into restricted areas to experience untouched powder snow, only to have serious accidents. No matter how strictly we ban the skiing outside of our marked boundaries we could not prevent people from entering highly dangerous areas.
In 2001, The Niseko Rule was created. This is the area’s official rule created for the safety for the users of all the ski resorts to allow skiers to safely ski outside the ski resort controlled areas.
If you want to enjoy Niseko Mountain, you need to obey the Niseko Rule.

1. Always use gates to go out of the resort boundaries.

Yunosawa and Harunotaki are completely out-of-bounds. There is a high avalanche risk, and those areas have resulted in a tragic and unnecessary loss of life. Please do not enter those areas under any circumstances.

2.Do not duck boundary ropes.

Boundary ropes mean that it is dangerous beyond the area that is marked off. For your own safety, please do not cross the marked boundaries of ski runs. It is not only for your own safety, but also prevention of tempting others from following you and breaking the rules.

3.Everyone skiing/snowboarding in backcountry areas should wear a helmet and carry an avalanche beacon.

There is no safety management outside the ski resort. There is always a risk skiing or climbing outside of the marked boundaries of the resort. Do so at your own risk.

4.Skiing/snowboarding out of bounds is prohibited when gates are closed.

When the gate is closed, it means there is a risk of avalanche danger. Please do not go beyond the gate when it is closed. 。

5.Never enter strictly off-limits areas at any time (except for official rescue and research operations).

6.Elementary school children are not allowed in the out of bounds area unless accompanied by an elder companion.

Supplementary Section
  • A minimum of ¥100,000 will be charged for out of bounds search and rescue operations.
  • Rules violators may be banned from using the resort facilities by having their lift-pass confiscated and/or refused to reissue a new pass.
  • Many past accidents have occurred during bad weather conditions. Do not over estimate your equipment and/or knowledge and always be cautious. Obey the ski patrol’s instructions, beware of crevasses and trees and be aware that snow mountains are never 100% safe.
  • The Niseko Avalanche Information is the area’s official information. The hazard level is estimated using systems and methods developed by the Niseko Avalanche Institute.
  • Carrying an avalanche beacon, a probe and a shovel is very highly recommended. This equipment may save not only your life but your buddy’s too.

Niseko Rules


Quad Lift Quad Lift (Seats Four)

9:00am to 3:00pm daily

PairPair Lift#1 (Seats Two)

8:30am to 3:30pm daily

Pair Lift#2 (Seats Two)

8:30am to 3:30pm daily