Article 1

The use of the ski resort operated by Moiwa Ski Resort (hereinafter referred to as “MSR”). Skiing and other activities are subject to the content of the following articles. (Skier refers to snowboarders and individuals using any piece for the purpose of enjoyment). Related articles not defined and these articles are subject to the law, and related matters not defined by the law are subject to the content of the safety standards for skiing Japan (Japan Association for Skiing Safety, revised edition issued in December 1st, 2014) and International Ski and Snowboard Action Code 2002 edition and common convention.


Article 2

  1. “MSR” its utmost to ensure the safety of people using the ski field. However, to prevent accidents, we ask that all people using our ski field carefully read and understand the content of the following articles and clauses.
  2. Please understand that using our ski field involves the following unique hazards and take the measures necessary to avoid them.
    1. a. Hazards presented by snow, fog and other such weather conditions.
    2. b. Hazards presented by cliffs, uneven terrain and other such surfaces.
    3. c. Hazards presented by hard snow, snowdrifts, avalanches and other such snow conditions.
    4. d. Hazards presented by lifts, buildings, snow vehicles and other such man made objects.
    5. e. Hazards presented by collisions presented by collision with other ski field users.
    6. f. Hazards presented by errors of judgment.
    7. g. Hazards presented by your own mistakes.
  3. Please do not cross or into areas marked as not controlled by the resort for your own safety. When using this ski field for the purpose of entering non-controlled areas for the purpose of mountain climbing or backcountry skiing, you must file a Mountain Climbing Plan with the Hokkaido Polices, carry sufficient equipment and use the designated exits from the ski field. Please only use the designated exits if you feel you have sufficient knowledge, are with a guide or with companions with sufficient knowledge of mountain terrain.
  4. Ensure that all children are accompanied by an adult and do not leave the adults site.
  5. “MSR” will accept no responsibility for accidents resulting for partial or full ignorance of this notification of the regulations stated below in the code of conduct.
  6. It is prohibited to conduct business in this ski area without ski field approval.
  7. “MSR” Will not allow people not understanding or agreeing with the content of clauses 2-6 to use this ski field.

Code Of Conduct

Article 3

Please obey the following rules when using our ski field.

  1. Do not threaten or injure other ski filed users.
  2. Always use the ski filed in a manner suited to your health, ski field user numbers and terrain, weather and snow conditions.
  3. Do not obstruct the actions of other ski field users.
  4. When overtaking other ski filed users, maintain a sufficient distance that collision dose not occur.
  5. When starting to move, joining other ski filed users and going across slope, be sure to look upslope before doing so.
  6. Do not stop or sit in the middle of the course and do not stop in parts of the course that are difficult to see and narrow from the up slop. Furthermore, if you fall over, please move out of the way of other ski field users as quickly as possible.
  7. Be sure to keep to the side of the course when stopping, walking and moving up slope.
  8. Be sure that skis, boards, and so on are equipped with retention devices such as leash cords.
  9. Obey the instructions and warnings on the signs, broadcast over the announcement system and given by the ski patrol and other “MSR” staff.
  10. If an Accident occurs, cooperate with “MSR” staff in making rescue efforts and emergency calls. Furthermore, whether involved in or just witnessing an accident, identify yourself if asked.

Responsibility of Ski Field Users

Article 4

  1. “MSR” will seek compensation for any damage and repayment for financial loss it undergoes as a result of the ski filed users not obeying the law and the above terms of use.
  2. “MSR” alone or “MSR” with Government agencies, etc. launch rescue operations in co-operation when there is a declaration of distress rescue from the person or acquaintance, etc. even if he/she is out of ski resort management area by violation of the provisions of Article 2, Paragraph 3 of this Agreement. “MSR” will bill for rescue operations including cost for labor, snow equipment, aerial ropeways operation, lighting electricity, and other expense burden which will be specified.
  3. “MSR” are not responsible for theft, etc. for skies, snowboards as well as snow sliding tools at the temporary ski rack and storage and parking lot in our controlled area. This does not apply if there is a willful negligence on “MSR”, however.

These terms are effective as of December 1, 2016